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February 2015

Pregunte al Administrador: cuota extra

Ray W.

My community has agreed to charge all owners an extra fee for the repair of the fachade of the block .  I was not asked and the walls around my apartment are ok.  Can the community inforce me to pay that extra fee?

Thank you Ray,

Your question is very common.  You made me confussed when you say that you were not asked.  We could discuss that deeply. Goint to your question, any agreement made by the Assembly is obliged for all owners.  Also, the fachades are not private of the owners, but common elements.  The community can oblige you;  not to pay that extra fee is not an option.

Foro seguro de hogar: actos vandálicos

Anne K.

Hello, I live in a Townhouse and I have a Home Insurance with AXA. The other day I came home finding the facade full of graffiti. I claimed against my Insurance and they indicated that I am not covered for the cleaning.

However, some days later, the house that I have by my side was also damaged, this time for the release of eggs from the facade, which looks very dirty. In this case, the Insurance Co. (which is the same as mine) sent the repairers who have undertaken the cleaning of the facade.

I do not understand, are not both cases of vandalism? Why do they cover my neighbor and not me? Is it for the type of policy taken?

I await your comments. Thank You

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Anne,

It is not the type of policy taken. The Insurance Co. has acted correctly based on the General Conditional of the Policy within the category of acts of vandalism, where it is stated they cover “the material damage caused to the insured property when vandalism occurs due to individually or collectively malicious tasks by third parties”.

In both cases this circumstance is given, which defines that in both houses vandalism occurs, but subsequently the Policy sets out a number of assumptions that are excluded from the coverage, as is the case of point 2 which states that “the damage caused by PAINTINGS, scratches, inscriptions and pasted posters are not covered “.

That it is to say, damages in your home for vandalism are excluded of warranty cover for specific mention on the policy.

Kind regards.

Pregunte al Administrador: Reclamación de deuda

Andrea L.

I would like to know wher can I get the forms and what procedure should I follow in order to initiate legal demand againts non-payments in my community.

Dear Andrea

First of all, your community must include the liquidation in a general meeting.  Preferibly an Ordinary one, but if you haven´t, an extraordinary meeting will be valid.  Then,  the only advice I can forward you is having the assistance of an attorney for the rest of the steps.