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February 2015

Foro seguro de hogar: Muro caído por viento

Alejandro R.

I have a home insurance of a property with Mapfre and it is within a plot bordering the neighbour´s house.

Both plots are separated by a brick wall which is a mediator between both and the other day because of strong wind existing in the locality the wall was demolished, falling on my plot.

I would like to know if my home insurance covers me for the rebuilding of the wall fallen for wind, who should take charge of the reparation of the wall and if it is remarkable the fact that the debris are in my field and not in my neighbors.

I wait for your response.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Alejandro,

Firstly the Insurance Co will attend the claim as long as the speed of the wind was greater than the required by the policy contracted and should the wall fallen for wind be in good condition.  This is, if the cause of the collapse is attributable to the extraordinary force of the wind.

Assuming that this happened, the wall is between both properties, i.e it is part of the building of both properties.

Therefore we have a concurrence of insurance cover i.e. both insurances are covering the same risk, the wall, so the rebuilding of the same should be done for both companies, being irrelevant where the debris are, for the costs of debris removal are also part of the cost of the claim, and should be equally distributed among both companies.

Kind regards.