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Foro seguro de hogar: Seguro a nombre de anterior propietario

Mateo M.

Hello, I bought a second-hand house, and its previous owner tells me that I do not need a new home insurance as he is already paying one.

Is that true? Am I covered if the Insurance is on the name of previous owner?

Many thanks

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Mateo,

According to the Insurance Contracts Act in Article 34, it states that in case of transfer of the insured object (Home Insurance) the transferee is subrogated to the rights and obligations of the transferor.

The previous insured is obliged to inform the purchaser in writing of the existence of the insurance contract, and once the property is completed, he must also communicate in writing to the Insurance Co. within 15 days.

Both you and the insurance Co. may terminate the insurance contract if communicated in writing to the other party within 15 days since the existence of the contract is known.

But you should consider revising the contracted values, as they may be improperly secured, especially in the case of the Contents.

I hope this helps,

Kind regards.

Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Reglamento y Estatutos

Is the internal rules regime the same as the Estatutes of the community?

Robert G.

Administrator:  Juan L.

No, the internal regime regulations has nothing to do with the statutes or establishing the community title, as it’s an Ordinance or regulation aimed at regulating the internal workings of the common services and coexistence among the inhabitants of the building, while the other two are legal documents that will govern the life of the community and legal limits are that subjects each owner. In addition they have no binding force and do not necessarily exist in every community, because in the practice that regulation can be replaced with agreements that establish formulas that provide the solution to every problem in every specific case.

Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Delegación de voto

My sister owns a home whose community has called a meeting of owners in incompatible with their work schedule, could I go on behalf of my sister?

Rosalía M.

Administrador:  Juan L.

Indeed you may attend the Board on behalf of her sister, whenever she empowered you expressly to do so, through the presentation at the time of the meeting of a document that expresses such delegation (proxy vote) with the represented firm and delivery to the President, being entitled so to defend the interests of his sister, do so on the basis of article 15(1) of the Horizontal property law thus established it.