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July 2015

Pregunta al Administrador: Instalación de placa solar

Good morning. I am owner of a flat on the top floor of my building and I intend to request permission from the community to install 4 solar panels, for my house, on the roof of the building. What percentage of votes do I need to obtain for authorization?

Mª Luisa T.

Administrador:  Juan L. 

Good morning, this is in art. 17.1 Horizontal Propiertors Law, which says  “The installation of the common infrastructures for access to telecommunication services are regulated in the Royal Decree-Law 1/1998, dated February 27, on common infrastructures in buildings for access to telecommunications services, or the adaptation of existing ones, as well as the installation of common or proprietary, use of renewable energy, or the infrastructure needed to access new collective energy supplies may be agreed upon, at the request of any owner, by one third of the members of the community representing, at the same time, one-third of participation fees.”.


Therefore, the percentage of votes you need is 1/3 of the members of the community provided they represent 1/3 of participation fees.

Pregunta al Administrador: SEGURO DE HOGAR Y COMUNIDADES

Good afternoon.  I am writing on behalf of a community of owners; we are 6 neighbours, we have home insurance each one of us. They have told me that these private insurance would cover the proportion of common areas, according to the percentage belonging to each neighbor. I’d like to confirm whether this is really true.

Jaspen I.

Administrator: Juan L.

Good afternoon, the private policies that each one opf you got for your house, would cover your house, but not community áreas.


In your case, you need a community insurance that will cover the general areas of the continent (for example, main piping that may cause damage to the continent every neighbor) is required. Only in cases of claims of public responsability of the community, and in the absence of a common policy covering it, the policy each neighbor, on the guarantee of public liability would respond proportionately on the basis of its share of community participation.


Pregunta al Administrador: Ocupacion de propiedad privada

 My community wants to install a lift in my building for what is necessary to deal with part of my patio, which is a private element of my property as it is note don my tittle deed when I completed, and despite having stated that repeatedly, they tell me that I am obliged to allow this. can I refuse or take any legal action?

Paulina N.

Administrator:  juan L.

According to article 9 of the law of Horizontal property, all owners are required to consent to your home or local repairs requiring the service of the building and allow the necessary easements required for the creation of common services of general interest, provided that they are carried out in accordance with the law of Horizontal property , regarding the adoption of agreements. If the community has adopted this agreement legally and with the required majority, the only thing you can ask the community is therefore is to pay one amount sufficient for the damages you involved in this work, which the community must agree