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September 2015

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: tenderetes de ropa

In my community we have a common terrace where there is an area for clothesline with clotheslines to each House. However a neighbour has recently installed a single clothesline in his window that hangs over the common and internal courtyard of the building, is this legal?

Claire W.

Administrator:  Juan López

Basically, if each owner has a clothesline in an area of the building enabled to do so, would not be correct this installation made by autonomously its neighbor and that involves alteration of a common building, even more so when neither element if you want it has proposed Board nor consulted with the rest of the neighbors, so the way it is not in accordance with the law , and in his case, of not obtaining the appropriate permission on board, will be entitled to request this neighbor to remove it

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: ascensor ruidoso

Good afternoon. A year ago I moved to a rented apartment  in a block; the lift does a loud noise every time it is called, which causes a serious prejudice because both the living room and the bedroom are next to the communal staircase. All this commented with the owner who did not care. What can I do?

 Roberto F

The Administrator:  Juan López

The owner should have gone to the Adminsitrator to report it.

However, since she hasn’t done anything in this regard, I advise you take their own initiative, for which need to know if the noise issued by the lift exceeds decibels of noise and vibration permitted by the legislation in force. For this purpose, it must make a request to the town hall to send a technician to your home and evaluate the decibel level. If you exceed the maximum allowed, the same town hall send an order community to resolve the situation. Otherwise you will have to live with the noise, exist the possibility (because this happens in certain provinces) that you have to bear the cost incurred by the technician in the Town Hall

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: suelo piscina deslizante

Good morning. In the community where I live we have a swimming pool in which the floor is very slippery, causing constantly falls and slips. We have complained to the Manager on several occasions, but the situation persists. In fact, my son fell down yesterday, and the doctors had to give 3 points of suture on the head. I told the Manager and he told me that they have requested quotations to improve the soil, but that, du eto the cost it has not been ordered. My question is: would I sue the community to make something already?

 Eric F.


Administrator:  Juan López


Good morning. Effectively you are within their rights to sue the community of owners and their insurance in courts, in order to seek compensation for your child as well as to compel to become to produce similar situations, but that is already up to you.  The administrator can do little. If he already requested a quote to resolve the situation and took it to the Board, but this was not approved, he has done everything that is in his hand. The decision is up to the community, and  may agree to do nothing.