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March 2016

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Mi patio es utilizado por los vecinos

I recently purchased a home in Murcia.  It is a groundfloor with an interior patio that can only be accessed from my house. In the patio, there are several air conditioning units from other neighbors which occupy too much space, generate dirt and also make an annoying noise. Can I remove them from my patio?

Marga B.

Administrator:  Juan López

 Good morning, you should know that the patio is not yours, it is a common element which surely you have assigned in the title deed the use and enjoyment, however the first thing that should be done is to check the deeds to see if you have exclusive rights; If so, and unless there is an agreement of the Board of owners authorizing the installation in the courtyard, you would be perfectly entitled to request their withdrawal, because it would be obstructing such occupation their right to such use and enjoyment that may correspond.

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Poca presión de agua sólo en las últimas plantas

I live in a building of 8 floors, my property is the 6th floor. The 3 upper floors got little pressure since a long time ago. This circumstance already have been repeatedly discussed with the President, but because he lives on the third floor and he didn’t find the need to do anything. As a result, we’re collecting information to install a water pump, but would the costs be our responsibility?

Enrique R.

Administrador:  Juan López

By what we read, if there is no other solution the water pump installation is required, but you should know that the water pump is a common element and as such, you may propose to the President that it is included in the agenda of the next meeting for approval. In addition, to being a common element, the costs shall be shared by all the community members according to their participation coefficient, and therefore their spending is not an outlay that only the highest floors affected have to bear, but it will be divided among all the joint owners.

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Permisos para ampliar mi buhardilla

Good morning. I have a two floors house with an attic that is completely closed. However, given that I’d like to expand my house, I want to make this attic habitable to install an office, because there is enough space to take advantage of, is it necessary a special license?

Roberto M.


Administrator:  Juan López

 As you noted, it is necessary permission and consent of the community, because you cannot do any work on the roof of the dwelling without unanimous consent, as otherwise you would be in breach of the Horizontal property law. In addition to all this, if you finally get the approval, you must obviously afford the costs of this expansion.