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August 2016

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Barbacoa en muro medianera

Good morning.  I live in an urbanization of detached houses with gardens separated by a common Wall each two properties.  My neghbour built a bbq on the Wall linking to my garden.  She says that he work is totally right.  Is that correct?

Jan Paul M.

Administrator:  Juan López

The building of a BBQ on a shared Wall is not legal.  The bbq had to be built respecting a distance form the Wall, sin ce the Wall is dividing two properties.

For this reason, I understand that this barbecue in the middling wall construction would be prohibited and in any case it would be legal, if he had built on his plot, but at some distance from the party wall respecting the distances.

Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Cerrar terraza de mi ático

Hi.  I got a penthouse with a terraze that we do not use very often.  I owuld like to build an enclosure so the terraze can be used as a lounge.  The neighbours say that I cannot do it.  Is that right?

Luisa G.

Administrator:  Juan López

You will have to fulfill teh legal requirements first, otherwise you could receive an order of demolition or have the work removed by the authorities.   Bellow you will find the stpes that we recomend you::

–  Take your Project to the local authorities to obtein the relevant license..

– Take the issue to the General Meeting as an ítem in the agenda with specifications of what you are asking authorization for.

To avoid problems, you shall have the authorization of the community.