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Ask the Administrator: Approval of enclosures at the AGM

In my community of owners in Orihuela Costa, shortly a general meeting will take place to discuss about the need of having the fachade painted and other items like the enclosure of the terraces. I would like to know what is the majority we need or if those decisions are made unanimously. Thanks.

Fidel H.

Administrator: Juan López

In Orihuela Costa, Murcia or any other region, you will need unanimity or the majority of votes of all owners, which at the same time represent the total of the coefficient of participation, if the decisions mean to alter the statutes or constitution deed.

There are other topics that can be approved by 3/5 of the owners which also represents the 3/5 of coefficients. Others need just 1/3. We would need to know the agenda and read the statutes.

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Ask the Administrator: We inheritage a property in debt

Good morning. My husband inherited a property shared with his two brothers. The apartment is in debt with the community for the amount of 3.300€. The community is requesting my husband to pay it all. Should he pay the total amount? Or just the third part of it, which would be 1.100€?

Sandra B.

Administrator. Juan López

According to you, your husband and his two brothers have inherited the property in pro indiviso so the three owners are responsible of the property jointly liable regarding the community. This means that the community can go directly against any of the three owners. Now, once your husband pays the debt, he can claim the refund of the proportional part to the other two owners.