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Foro seguro de hogar: Cambiar el seguro contratado del banco

Eileen P. check this out

Hello, I recently bought a house and I have a home insurance with the bank that granted the mortgage but I’m not very happy. Can I Change the Insurance contracted with the bank? I’d rather take out Insurance with another dealer, but I do not know if you can have two Home Insurances and the benefits of it.

philip b Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Eileen, 1421

australia online review The first thing you need to  know is that there is no obligation to have the Home Insurance contracted with the financial institution that has granted the mortgage, so you can cancel the policy at renewal and to take out a new one  with a broker of your choice.

If you contract another Insurance without canceling the one you existing one, you will find yourself with two Insurances  covering the same risk, which is perfectly legal, but keep in mind that in case of a claim your compensation will not be increased since that would be the so called Coinsurance, i.e.  Two companies would act as co-insurers in proportion to the sums insured in each of their policies; therefore, you will receive the amount agreed between the two Cias, but without exceeding the value of it logo supermarche.

hiszpania belgia u21 Kind regards.

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