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Foro seguro de hogar: cláusulas especiales en la póliza

Amy H.

Hi, I live in a property with a Home Insurance that I did contract three months ago. In the insurance proposal I wanted to include special clauses relating to the insured amount of furniture, aesthetic damage, jewelry etc.

Now I had a claim and I see that the policy does not reflect the exact conditions that were included within the proposal, so I am harmed.

The Insurance Co. tells me that I signed the policy with full consent and that is what counts, which is reflected in the policy and not on the proposal.

Are they right?



Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Amy,

According to the Law of Insurance Contracts, Article 8, last paragraph, it is stated that “if the contents of the policy differ from the proposal of insurance or the agreed clauses, the policyholder may claim to the insurer within one month from the delivery of the policy to remedy the divergence. After that time, if you do not complaint it will be as provided in the policy. “

That is, the Law is exhaustive in this matter. You should have checked the special clauses in the policy before signing, as the term to rectify it is one month since it’s delivered.

Kind regards.

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