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How to know if your house is safe against Theft and Robbery

Did you know that in 2020 there were more than 100,000 robberies with violence in Spanish homes? You may think that this will never happen to you and that your home is totally safe, but is it really? It is important to know how secure your home is and what measures you must implement to improve it. To do this, today we are sharing this checklist so you can discover how safe your home is.

Checklist to know if your home is safe

If your home meets these points on our list, you can consider it safe. If not, get down to work to improve the security of your home for your peace of mind, whether you are indoors, outdoors or on vacation.

1. Armoured doors. They are the ones that offer the highest level of security and are composed of a sheet and a steel frame.

2. Security locks. With a bowler resistant to theft methods more frequent like bumping. The rest of the elements must be reinforced with shields and anti-crowbar hinges.

3. Security enclosures such as bars, fixed or not, installed in the windows easier to access from the outside. Single-family homes, the attics and the ground floor are the homes most likely to need this type of security measure that have a significant deterrent from robberies.


4. If you are looking for extra protection, it is best to choose an aluminium blind model with a self-locking system, which prevents the blind from lift if it is forced from the outside, since its special slat system blocks it.

5. Lighting or ignition systems to make it look like someone is there always at home. There are mechanisms pretending that there are people inside the home, like automatic timers that turn lights or electrical appliances such as television or radio on and off.

6. Alarm system and security cameras in your home, connected directly to the police station, which will ensure that you are totally safe. It is a deterrent measure for thieves that guarantees the security of your home and of those who live in it. From Mileniun Levante we recommend ADT’s alarm and security cameras services. With this service, you will have a high security interactive alarm that offers you total control of your home through your mobile with verified video and audio, immediate response from the central and notification to police or remote control among others. Find out here all about the benefits of having it in your home!

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