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Foro seguro de hogar: daños de agua por heladas

Samuel P.

Hello, I live in a detached house with holiday use and I have a home insurance contracted with AXA. After Christmas I was told by a neighbor that water was coming out of the door and getting into the house so I found a busted pipe and plenty of water on the floor.

According to my neighbor it also happened in other homes as we are in a very cold area and we have frozen pipes bursting, so the melting water has begun to break out flooding the house.

They indicate from the Insurance Co. that I am not covered, because as reflected in the policy, within the guarantee of atmospheric phenomena, frost damages are excluded.

Is there anything I can do? Thank You.


Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Samuel,

Indeed in the policy that you have contracted frost damages are excluded, but within the guarantee of atmospheric phenomena.

In water damage coverage, you are covered for water damage produced due to frost water.

What does this mean? That pipe busted is not covered, i.e. its repair runs on you, as the cause of the breakage for frost or ice is not covered.

But the water damages produced, i.e., the damages that leakage caused to the property (doors, furniture, flooring …) are covered by the guarantee of water damage.

To sum it up, The Insurance Co. should compensate the damages caused for the flooding, but not for the pipe repair.

Kind regards.

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