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Foro seguro de hogar: Daños por agua en parqué. A causa de una rotura de una tubería en mi vivienda se ha levantado el parqué de mi suelo, ¿estoy cubierto por daños estéticos?

Hello, due to a burst pipe in my house my parquet floor has raised an area of 2×2 m2

The Insurance Company repaired the pipe and replaced the damaged parquet 2×2 m2  for a new one, but they are unvarnished so logically they will look different than the old ones.

The problem is that the workers of the Insurance Co. have been given the instructions to varnish only the new tablets, not the ones from the rest of the room or the house.

My whole house has parquet´s floor except the kitchen and bathroom, and it has been varnished for many years, so if now just an area of 2 m2 is varnished there is going to be much difference between the two areas.

I have aesthetic damage cover contracted in my Home Insurance policy with a limit of 3,000€. My question is, does this warranty cover me for varnishing the whole floor?

Thank you

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Suzanne,

When it has been agreed within the Special Conditions of your Policy the inclusion of this warranty, it will be covered up to the limit of the sum insured for that purpose. Thus, they must carry the cost of repair or replacement if necessary to achieve aesthetic coherence in order to leave it as it was before the occurrence of the incident.

First of all, we need to check the General Conditions of the Policy you contracted to make sure that aesthetic damage is included as we have two choices:

1. the most common is that the application of aesthetic damage only affects the insured room. This means that the Insurance Co. must varnish the entire floor in the living room. They will not varnish the other rooms as they are in different areas.

2. If the above exclusion is not detailed in the General Conditions, i.e. limit of the application of collateral damage to the room, they must varnish the entire surface affected by aesthetic damage, with the limit established in the policy, i.e., the Insurance Co. must varnish the entire floor of the property.

Kind regards.

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