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Foro seguro de hogar: daños de agua por tubería externa

Luc  J.

Hi, I am insured with RGA Insurance Co. and the other day I had a feeding pipe broken across the garden that goes from the entrance wall into the house.

The lady who took my phone call to claim against my insurance for water damage by external pipe told me that as the pipe was outside I had no coverage.

Is this correct? I live in a Villa and I had understood that everything was insured, even the trees of the garden.

Thank you.

Dear Luc,

First thing you should do is to call back to the Insurance Co. so they send you an assessor or a technician to inspect the insured risk; it is not acceptable that a claim is rejected by phone without assisting the insured.

If your home is as mentioned above a Villa surrounded by a perimeter wall with a garden inside the house, we understand that the broken pipe should be covered as it is within the boundaries of your property.

  That is, for the purposes of the water damage coverage, it would be considered as inside of the property the entire building surface – whether it is covered or not – which is peripherally delimited from the outside by a fence or a similar element included in the definition of the Rebuilding, as it is the wall to which you refer.

It would be different if the leak is found from the wall towards the street, because in this case there would be coverage outside your Rebuilding cover.

Kindest regards.

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