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Foro seguro de hogar: daños por avería de frigorifico

Steven R.

Hi, I have a single-family house insured by Línea Directa and last 15th of November I found the whole floor flooded with water and even falling to the basement, where many objects stored there got wet.

I phoned the Insurance Company and they sent a plumber to locate the fault at a broken key junction of a pipe coming out from behind the wall and which joins with a hose coming out of the fridge. It is a modern refrigerator, an ice maker, and it takes water from a pipe so when we removed the fridge we saw that it comes out of the ground and raises half a meter to join the sleeve. What is broken is the attached mechanism of the two tubes, probably by a raising water pressure.

The thing is that when the plumber reported to the Insurance Co. the incident by phone, they indicated to me that the incident is not covered because it is water damage for malfunction of the fridge

What can I do?

Thank you.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Steven,

The case you are mentioning is very common and I understand from your comments that the fault is not in a part of the refrigerator, but a key union of a private pipe supplied from the house and sleeve.

We review the general terms and conditions for Linea Directa and checked that on the existing definitions it distinguishes between hidden pipes or conduits and face pipes.

Hidden pipes are defined as those that are fully covered by structural elements of the house (ceiling, floor etc) and the face pipes are not fully covered by such elements. That is, when the pipe emerges from the ground to join the sleeve of the washing machine we have a face pipe.

Later on, we checked the water damage coverage and in point “a” they cover damage corresponding to fixed, hidden and private water leaks…”

Afterwards, the General Conditions of the policy mentions among the excluded cases in point “e” “damage as a result of breakage or damage to face pipes”

Therefore, taking the General Conditions of the policy, the claim would not be cover for a failure in a face pipe. This exclusion is not usual within the General Conditions of most insurers, but it figures in this contract.

My advice is to ask the Insurance Company to send you a rejection  letter of the claim and the reasons why they consider it is not covered, in case they understood the rejection of anything you could argue (breakdown or malfunction of the fridge which is not the case and it is what they told you on the telephone)

Kind regards.

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