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Foro seguro de hogar: fecha para comunicar un siniestro

Carmelo R.

Hello, I have a property insured, and I have had an incident about two weeks ago, but since I had to go on a trip I did not claimed.

I was thinking about claiming now, but I have been instructed from a friend that I only have 7 days to submit the claim to the insurance company.

Is that true that timing for the communication of a claimis 7 days? What I can do?


Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear  Carmelo,

According to the Insurance Contracts Act in Article 16, it states that “the claim must be reported within a maximum period of 7 days from the insured, policyholder or beneficiary that was aware of it”

Should not you do so the Insurance Co. “can reclaim the damages caused” by the lack of such declaration.

That is, only if the lack of communication of the incident has caused the insurer a loss will imply that they reclaim to you.

For example, if you know that you have a broken pipe because a neighbor tells you that it is dropping water and you do not claim until some days later, the Insurance Co. can claim that as they were not informed about sending a professional to repair the damage, this has been increasing. If instead, you have a broken glass the fact that you claim 15 days after its occurrence does not imply any damage to the insurer, so nothing will happen.

In any case, we confirm you that the Insurance Co. can never refuse the claim.

Kind regards.


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