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Foro seguro de hogar: filtración de agua en pared del cuarto de baño

Lucy  S.

Hi, I have a detached house with a Home insurance contracted with RGA.

A few days ago there was a water filtration through the bathroom wall, and when I called the Insurance Co. they sent me a plumber, who discovered that the feeding pipe that goes through that wall was rotten (he said corrosive) and therefore he could not fix it as it will crash out while repairing it, so I had to change all the pipes in the house.

So now I have to look for a plumber and besides as the plumber from the Insurance Co. broke several wall tiles and they had many years, now I cannot find the same matches.

Are they right, is there anything I can do?

Thank you.


Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

The plumber is only right in some points, let’s see:

The pipes of the house, probably because of its age present a generalized state of corrosion, i.e. are rotten. That means that the reparation of the section damaged besides being very difficult, is not recommended, as sooner or later it might get broken again.

Having corrosive pipes is understood as a lack of maintenance, so the Insurance Co. will not cover it. In this case, being the first time it happens, the Insurance Co will cover the damage, but as you are already warned that there are corrosive pipes, your obligation is to change them from new ones, otherwise should you have a new claim for water damage the Insurance Co would not cover it as you are no longer able to prove your ignorance on the state of your pipes.

Having said this, we indicate that the Insurance Co should assist you as follows:

They must compensate you with the estimated amount calculated from the assessor corresponding to the equivalent of repairing the damaged pipe section and to close the holes produced from the plumber they sent to locate the fault, i.e. to put back the tiles he broke.

As there are no equal tiles, the Insurance Co. must also compensate you or repair up to the limit on your contracted policy to cover aesthetic damage.

Kind regards.

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