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Pregunte al Administrador: Defectos constructivos

Jesús López

I am owner of a property in an urbanization buildt seven years ago.  It was approved at the last AGM, sue the developer for constructive deficiencies.  The approval means an extra payment for the hiring of a lawyer and the shores of the process until  sentence.  I am a technical architect, and in my opinion, deficiencies exposed in the Assembly are not building faults, but maintenance of the building.  I am afraid that to have been agreement I cannot do anything, but having voted against am I obliged to pay such benefits?

Administrador;  Juan López

Once the agreement is approved, you only can appeal, which will hurt more to your community.  It is important that residents understand what would be the result of a sentence stating that the comunity has to pay the fess expended by the other part, in addition to their own costs.  You, as an expert will be listened by the lawyesr.  The most recommended at this time, seems to meet them and show them, by knowledge technicians and requesting consideration to jurisprudence, that approach is wrong and the damage it could cause to the community.  The new findings of the lawyers could lead to an agreement favorable to the position that you defend.

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