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Pregunte al Administrador: Pintura del zaguán

Jordi Palat

Thank you very much for your help to my question about the costs of installation of the lift.  Your suggestions opened us new possibilities and we have managed to get to good end and recover some of the investment.  Now we are discussing the problem of the entrance and hall of the new lift of the building.  It has been never painted and some neighbors are already thinking that we should go considering the cost to plan when to do it.  But there are neighbors who are not in favour of paying an extra fee.  Can the majority let that a building would deteriorate if they never decide to restore it or keep it?

Administrator;  Juan López

Permit me to insist on the obligation and ability that LPH grants to the administrator responsible for the preservation of the House.  If we take as a reference when it is in force the law of obligation to include lifts in buildings like yours, we are interpreting the problem you explain is not a whimsical question but need and health.  If the majority of the residents accepted on board, are all, without exclusion, forced to the contribution of such expenditure.

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