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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Acceso a vivienda para reparación comunitaria

Clarisa G.

I’ve been six months waiting to have my living room painted by community insurance, because the Administrator fails to gain access to the apartment where the origin of my damp is.  He says that the neighbor replied to a burofax confirming he will come as every year at Easter.  The neighbor refuses to send the key before that date. Isn’t there another way to inrush the works?  Thank you

Administrador:  Juan López

Hi Clarisa.  All owners are required to facilitate access to houses when it is necessary for the community.  The jurisprudence makes different readings in cases of bonded labour.  However, it seems that the deals done by your adminsitartor are good.  We understand that there is no water leaking, so you wonty have more damages whereas the porperty above is empty.  Your administrator has sent a burofax, so if the case turns complicated there is proof of notification.  The neighbor has confirmed date, thus demonstrating cooparation.   Ultimately refused, in any case, the administrator may require authorisation by the community following agreement of the Board of proprietors approving legal actions to be undertaken.

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