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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Asistentes a Juntas con deuda

Xavi E.

I have read that the debtors in a community have a voice but have no vote.  At owners meetings, we always start in second call, however, at the last meeting, was attended by the majority of residents in first and do not start up to second.  Our administrator said that the atendants updated did not represent 50% so that there was no quorum.  But if they have a voice, I think that we should have started at first.  Can the agreements that were adopted be appealed?

Administrator: Juan López

It is article 15.2 of the LPH which says that those attending together with debt in the community, will have voice, but no vote.  And is the same rule that establishes that they won´t be computed for the purposes of reach majorities required by law neither the person nor the participation fee

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