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Professional Advice

Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Cerramiento de terraza

Good morning. I am owner of a penthouse with terrace and I’d like to close it to expand my living room, is this possible?

Gerard T.

Administrator: Juan L.

          First of all you should consult the constitutive title for purposes of determining the property’s terrace, as normal is that it is a common element of the community taking you right to use and enjoy, however, regardless of its proprietary nature, its terrace set a defining element of the building, whose enclosure without the authorization of the community can lead to problems (as it could punish him financially and require replacement to its original state) , this because supposed aesthetic alteration of the building, its uniformity and appearance against the provisions of article 7.1 of the Horizontal property law. Therefore you should report the intention to proceed to the enclosure to the President of the community, who will convene the corresponding Board, and only if there is a unanimous agreement of the owners, then you can proceed with this enclosure.  Also, check in the urbanistic departments of yoru Council, to prevent legal questions and organize the required paperwork.

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