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Professional Advice

Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Convocatoria sin firma de presidente

Is right to send the call for the community meeting with the signature of the Manager following instructions from the President? Should the President not sign the summons for a meeting?

Carmen C.

Adninistrator: Juan L.

In this case Yes is correct and valid the call of the Board, as the administrator signs according to the instructions of the President. However we  clarify that the Manager is not empowered to convene the meeting of owners by himself, but have doing so according to the instructions of the President and expressed in the call for proposals, as in the present case, because we must not forget that the Horizontal property law establishes that it is the President who shall convene meetings , or when it is requested by the fourth part of the owners or a number of these that represent at least 25% of the participation fees

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