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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Exceso de buzoneo

Hello. I am President of a community of neighbors and we want to act against the excess of publicity in our mail boxes, could we forbid somehow distributors of advertising to put propaganda in mailboxes?  Thank you

Administrator: Juan L.

It would be good to know if these mailboxes are located outside the building or at the entrance  or if they are in a closed and private area. If it is the first case, the options are few, perhaps establishing a metal basket on the outside of the portal with indication of only deposit publicity, it could help, because already there are many communities that have adopted this measure getting a good result.

Where the mailboxes are in a private area, as appropriate, as well as the establishment of the metal mailbox at the entrance,  placed in public areas posters indicating specifically that advertising and other propaganda is left in the Inbox (and also advise all residents to not open to commercial messenger) and the possibility of penalties otherwise, and can even get to call the distributing company to show our complaint. By the way, the cooperation of all the neighbors is very important.


This because we have a specific and uniform regulations governing the prohibition of this type of activity, although it is true that at the present time already pioneers in adopting ordinances aimed to punish and fine these activities there are some municipalities.

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