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Julian Ramírez

My car was damaged, when parked in my parking site, because part of the mortar in the facade of the building fall down.  The facade to repair corresponds to the balcony of a neighbor.  I called the Community Administrator and she told me that she would contact the neighbor so I had compensation without conflict.  What if the neighbor refuses? What should I do?

Administrator: Juan López

Your question raises me two steps and not one, that the Administration should do quickly.  First of all, I do not understand why your administrator will ask responsibilities to a neighbor.  The element that has been detached and damaged the vehicle is the responsibility of the community of owners.  This facade is part of elements to keep by the community.  It is therefore directly the community who must give answer.  The relevant staff will have to inspect the reason for the detachment to manage wisely the urgent repair and compensation that you are requesting.   While the procedures are activated to assist you as affected, must be already inspecting the building to prevent other detachments.

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