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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Cuando tengo invitados

Nigel L.

I am new on the site.  Sorry if my question has been covered before.  Last summer I bought a House on the coast.  In the community we have swimming pool and paddle tennis court.  To celebrate our new experience, we invite to my brother and his family to spend the summer with us.  They seemed not well received by the rest of neighbours when we were at the pool.  I thought that they were entitled to use the pool. Are they?

Administrator: Juan López

Nigel congratulations on your new home.  Basically, we only have information to directly answer the question with which you end your speech.  In the strict sense, the common areas are for the homeowners of their community.  Usually, it is not necessary internal regulations prohibiting the use of a pool to friends or relatives of the owner.  One’s common sense and good-neighbourliness, are those that regulate these situations.  Think that the pool is sized according to the number of houses, which in turn have a logical occupation of people.  If visits commitments, arise to all residents automatically, other owners would be being deprived of the right, because it would end up being impractical.   If in addition, there has been some agreement on AGM, you have to respect it imperatively.

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