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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Junta de Constitución

Ray W.

I have my doubts as to the rules of my community.  They were set out in the Board’s Constitution, but that meeting was held only by a single owner and the administration.  Is it valid?

Administrador: Juan López

We understand, that when the community was conttituted, there was only  an owner.  In this circumstance, he was the only member of the community, so he was able to hold this meeting and make those agreements.  However, internal rules could have been imposed before, in the establishing title when given the deed of Horizontal Division.  In any case, I recomend you to review both documents.  Always may the community, using the ways that the law offers you, expand and improve the internal rules.  Remember that any changes in the constitutive title requires unanimity (except for the exceptions referred to in articles 10 and 17 of the LPH) but this take us into another theme completely far from your question here.

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