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Foro Comunidad de Propietarios: Mascotas en la comunidad

I have a dog for more than 5 years, and since then a neighbor is complainig, saying that it is not allowed to have animals in the community, is this true?

Xavier L.

Administrator: Juan L.

The Horizontal property law does not prohibit petsin a House, only in the case that such prohibition was expressly provided in the Estatutes of their community you would have to avoid that your dog is in your home. If this were the case, so your dog could be in your home, it would be necessary to have the unanimity of the community, which will be difficult because we have to take into account that the neighbor would vote against that. What I recomend you is to make it less annoying thing possible given the refusal of his neighbor, so it cannot make no complaints in this regard and thus obtain and gain the backing of the rest of your community.

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