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Foro seguro de hogar: Robo fuera de vivienda

Emma W.

Hi, I have a Townhouse with a garden and a porch on the ground floor and the other day some strangers jumped the fence and stole the table, chairs, a TV and a play station that was plugged into the television.

The Insurance Company tells me that I am not covered because it is a petty theft and they subtracted objects outside of the house.

Are they right? Doesn’t my insurance cover me for anything?

Thank you

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Emma,

We must distinguish between two different things. First whether it was robbery or petty theft. Petty theft is to take an object secured without the use of force against objects (e.g. If you leave the door opened and somebody subtract any object) and Robbery is when they use force against things (to break down a window, to force a door…) One of the things that determine the existence of force against things and therefore means there is a robbery is ‘to climb´ that is, the fact that they had to jump or escalate a wall, fence, or to get access through a window that is on high.

Hence, the claim we are considering is a robbery, and therefore covered.

Secondly we have to check if the stolen items are excluded from the guarantee of robbery, so we have to go to the insurance policy, where indicates which goods are covered and which ones are not when there is a robbery outside of the house

Almost all policies exclude theft of objects outside of the house (gardens, porches…) except in the case of goods which should be outside by their own nature. That is, the table and chairs in the garden might be covered but not the TV and the Play station, although as noted above we should go to the general terms and conditions of the policy to ensure the exclusion of such goods.

Kind Regards.

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