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Foro seguro de hogar: Robo sin alarma conectada

Mary S.

Hi, I live in a Villa inside a Residential area and a few days ago some strangers entered into my home after forcing the front door, and they stole various items from it.

After the visit of the assessor of the Insurance Company they asked me if the alarm was connected at the time of the incident and I told them the truth, that it was not.  As I left only for while I did not leave it connected.

The Insurance Company now tells me that the claim does not compensate me because my policy says that I have a connected alarm 24 hours a day and it was not true.

Do they have the right not to compensate because the theft alarm was not connected?

Thanks in advance.


Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Mary,

There is indeed an irregularity in the fact that you did not connect the alarm in your home the day of the accident, but what the Co. cannot do is to reject the compensation you have the right to receive.

The Co. must apply what is called a rule of equity, that is, as the premium of the insurance you are paying includes a discount for having a connected alarm, and when the accident occurred it as not connected, the Co. may interpret this discount should not be applied, so you they have to charge you a proportional amount of the premium as if the property never had an alarm, but never neglect the rightful compensation for theft.

That it is to say, if the Co. only insures only homes with alarm, if it is a requirement to have a connected alarm to have a policy, then they could reject the compensation, but not being the case, it only affects the declaration of the existence of the alarm within the premium, so the CO. must compensate you for the amount of the stolen items.


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