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Foro seguro de hogar: Rotura de toldo por el fuerte viento

acyclovir ointment generic Ben A.

Hello, with the strong wind of these days I have broken awning in my property which is a Villa in the Countryside. Although the Awning was almost new (one year old) the Insurance Company told me that the speed of the wind at the nearest area of the risk did not exceed the limits set up in the policy. Other neighbors had been covered and there are plenty of damages throughout the area. Are they right not attending claim?

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betonline Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

http://incontinenzafecale.it/tadalafil-uk_16-04-2020 Dear Ben,

For the Insurance Company to cover trough a claim of wind the limits of speed of wind must exceed the limits set up within the policy. Even when the wind was above of that limits the claim could be rejected if the awning was already in a very bad state, but according to your comments this is not the case geant casino crolles.

The problem is that the closest wind speed meter to your location did not register a higher speed than that established in the policy. Home insurance policies indicate that the speed of the wind must be accredited by the certification of such gauges or any other evidence http://avocationemp.com/fr-FR/paris-casino-en-ligne_28-04-2020.

That is, in your case, as the meter was not in the same place and the awning was almost new and installed correctly, you should ask the Insurance Company to send you an assessor to your home, so he can determine which awnings were in good condition. If they are broken is because of the wind, and if so, It is because you have exceeded the limits, even if they are not able to measure it, because a wind speed meter several kilometers away from your home is unreliable, since there are wind gusts, eddies, different wind speed depending on the altitude of the risk etc… Besides, if they check damages to other boundary risks there is no doubt that there has been a wind of such magnitude that it caused damage to the insured property.


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