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David King

Good afternoon, I have a home insurance policy with Allianz, to whom I have made a claim due to the break of a printed methacrylate that I have located in a skylight from the roof. I called the Insurance Company and they told me that I should talk to my Insurance Broker as I am not cover due to the limit in my aesthetic damage cover up to 2500 € and I do not understand why. Is this correct?

Thanks, regards.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Hi David,

The burst of skylight from the roof should be cover through the glass breakage, crockery etc. You have to go to the General Terms and Conditions of the policy contracted to check the coverage of that guarantee where the materials are covered (such as glass, sanitary ware, ceramic glass etc) will be described. Nowadays, most of Home Insurance policies include methacrylate, either directly or as similar to the crystals materials.

Please note that if breakage has occurred for unknown causes, due to its own reasons, defect of the methacrylate or it has been another reason like hail or vandalism, for example…The claim would be covered by those guarantees directly, and not through the glass breakage warranty .

Kind regards

Sergio S