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Foro seguro de hogar: fuga de agua sin daños

Robert  W.

Hi, I have a detached house insured through Mapfre.

I received a letter a few days ago from the Municipal Water Co. suggesting that the reading of my meter is very high, so certainly I may have a water leak in the pipes of my house.

I called my Insurance Co. and the person who came to my house checked out that the counter was running even when closed, so there is broken pipe in my house.

But the problem comes when he tells me that if there is no sign of moisture in the house or any damage by water leakage and I told him that there is not, that we have realized about the leak from the letter of the water company, therefore we do not know where the leak is. They confirmed me that in the absence of moisture the Insurance Co. does not cover water leak without damage.

Are they right, what can I do?


Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Robert,

In most of the General Conditions of Home Insurance policies and specifically in Mapfre, they states that “the purpose of ensuring water damage is to repair or compensate for water damage occurring in the property insured by accidental spills or leaks from installations or fixed themselves or others or appliances and even those due to leaks, omission closing valves, taps or valves or its mismatch pipes”.

This means the water damage produced. In the event that you are telling us there is no visible damage to the insured property.

But particularly in the case of Mapfre it indicates in the warranty of water damage exclusions the location, repair of leaks or malfunctions that do not cause direct damage to the house or contents …”

Looking at the policy thoroughly, we must say that the claim is excluded from coverage, so the Insurance Co. should not compensate nor repair the claim.


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