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Foro seguro de hogar: grieta en la pared por la rotura de una tubería

Anna L.

Hi, I have a Home insurance for my House in the country side.

A few days ago I went there as I have not been there since last summer and I realized the existence of major cracks in the house, including a partition which is moved, and I saw a large wet spot on the floor.

I called the plumber of the Insurance Co. and he discovered a broken pipe in the ground, so the water was coming out of it.

Later and assessor of the Insurance Co. came to tell me that the claim is not covered because the cracks have been caused by a landslide and that this is not covered.

I disagree because I think that the crack in the wall was produced by a burst pipe, which has softened the ground.

I wonder if there is anything I can do.

Many thanks.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Anna,

In the case you are mentioning to us, and without visiting the risk, we understand that there are two scenarios:

1. The assessor of the Insurance Co. says it is due to ground movement, the house has subsided and there have been both the cracks and the breakage of the pipe. By disposing the housing structure and cracks, there is a movement of the partition, so the pipe could also be affected by this, leading to its breaking. That is, the first that happened was the movement of the land and this causes the break of the pipeline, which would effectively be excluded of coverage in the policy as stated in the General Conditions of the same.

2. The other opinion would be just the opposite. The burst pipe leaking the water softens the ground to the point that it moves, cracking the walls of the house. i.e. The damage was caused by a burst pipe, causing the movement of the land, but the cause would be water damage.

You can name a particular assessor to inspect your home and give your opinion as it is necessary to verify in situ the details of the incident (see the type of existing cracks and age, type of pipe rupture, if it is a hole or a sectioned, to check the water bill to see how long the pipe has been leaking etc.) with this, the assessor can get an idea of what happened.

And if the version of the assessor is favorable to your interests you should claim against your Insurance Co. because according to the type of existing exclusion in the General Conditions of the policy, they can cover the loss.

Kind Regards.

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