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Foro seguro de hogar: ha entrado agua por debajo de la puerta

Hi, I have a home insurance with RGA

A few days ago due to the heavy rains over the area where my home is located, the sump of my light shaft did not swallow all the water that fell and the water has entered under the door ofmy kitchen door, which gives to the mentioned light shaft, despite it has a small step at the entrance.

Because the water has entered into the kitchen my wooden floor has been lifted, so I called the Insurance Company.

The professional who was sent to my house tells me the Insurance Co. is not going to cover the loss, since the water entered under the door.

Is that true, what can I do?

Thank you.

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

 Dear Trevor,

Indeed in the General Conditions of the Policy and in most of the policies of the market it is exclude the damage “attributable to any input or filtration of water through openings such as windows, balconies, doors or other openings”

But this exclusion refers to water running every time it rains, due to a defect of the door or the window or because it has been left open when it occurs. That is, by a fault of the insured.

In the present case the responsibility of the water entry is not attributable to the poor state of the door or because it was left opened, but because of the great amount of rainfall that exceeded the limit of the door leaf and was introduced unnaturally in the kitchen.

You should talk directly with the Insurance Co. so they can send you an assessor to check the claim zone, and definitely they will attend the incident.

Kind regards.


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