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Foro seguro de hogar: incendio en la alfombra

Rebecca F.

Hi, I have a home insurance with fire coverage and the other day an ember suddenly jumped from the fireplace falling on the carpet and originating a hole.

I called the insurance to see if I am covered for fire in the carpet and they told me that I am not.

Could you please tell me if they are correct?

Thank you

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Rebecca,

According to the General Conditions it is considered fire the damage and losses of material caused to the property insured by the direct heat as well as caused by the inevitable consequences of it.  Understanding by fire the combustion fire and burning by fire capable of spreading to an object or objects that were not designed to be burned in the place and time it occurs.

In this case we look explicitly at the part of the definition that says “capable of spreading to an object that was not meant to be burned at the time and place that occurs”

The embers of the fire in the fireplace, as well as similar cases of burns from cigarettes on a sheet or a round table … are not covered in the policy, since the object that spreads the fire was itself destined to be burned because it is a cigarette or an ember.

It would be different if this burn originates a fire that affects other objects of the house which have coverage if burned by a flame, such us the carpet or the blanket.


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