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Foro seguro de hogar: incendio en el sofá

Beverley K.

Hi, I have a home insurance with fire guaranty and the other day I was sitting on a sky couch watching television with a heater beside me. At one point, I got up to the bathroom and came back finding the coach in flames. I left the room and went to the stairs for an extinguisher, and when I returned the fire had spread to other objects, the table, tv etc… I finally manage to put out the fire.

The assessor from the Insurance Co. came for the fire in the sofa and told me that I will get pay for the value of everything burned except the coach. I do not understand why because it is precisely the first thing that burned. Is this correct?

Thank you

Moderator, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Beverley,

According to the General Conditions of the policies, it is considered Fire “direct action of fire with or without visible flame, provided there is direct contact between the burning substance and the material or article is not intended to be burned”

In this case the Insurance Co. operates satisfactorily not providing coverage for the damage to the coach, since it does not burn as a direct result of its contact with the heater, but due its heat.

 Now, if as a result of the flame that has occurred in the coach the table, tv etc …burned, in this case we are talking about a fire itself, because the table has not been burned as a result of the heat but as a result of a flame transmitted by an object that was not intended for that purpose (definition of Fire in General Conditions, as we have explained).

This exclusion is extended to any damage occurs by direct or indirect contact with heaters or heat (radiators, heaters, gas stoves and catalytic …) to any part of the furniture (skirts, towels, chairs, tables. ..), but also if a second object gets burned we are talking about a fire itself because it was originated in an item not intended to be burned.

Kind regards.

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