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Foro seguro de hogar: no me pagan el IVA del presupuesto

Hugo P.

Hello, on the 20th I suffered a robbery at my house and thieves broke the door of the house and several dresser drawers.

I sent the quote for repairing the damage from my carpenter because I want him to do the jobs as he made my furniture and the Insurance Co. tells me they do not pay the IVA of my quote but only 600 euros when the quotation is 726 euros so they do not want to pay the IVA.

Are they right?

Thank You

Moderador, Sergio Sanguino

Dear Hugo,

Normally, the Insurance Company will pay the net amount of the reparation (600 euros) since you submitted a quote or “proforma invoice” (it is the same) which means that the corresponding INVOICE/FACTURA has not been done, either they have not done the works yet or l because the repairers have not issued it.

That is, you have not paid any tax, so the Insurance Co. will not pay the IVA unearned.

Just when you hold the INVOICE/FACTURA of this work you should forward it to the insurance Co. which with no doubt will indemnify the IVA (now that the tax has been paid.)

Kind regards.

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