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Pregunta al Administrador: ¿Por qué hay tantos Presidentes?

Leslie R.

I have completed my new apartment in Spain.  I managed to get information about how laws work in your country and learnt something about Community of Owners and the comittee.  I read that the comittee is compossed by the President and the Administrator and secretary.  But in mine there is one President per a number of apartments. Is that legal?

Administrator: Juan López

Dear Leslie


Firstly, congratulations for your interest in previous learning.  By the way, in order to understand the legal texts, it is always better to have proffesional guidance.  I am pretty sure that your Adminsitrator would have clarified this issue and may have brought some important documents that would have lighted your questions. I guess, you had no oportunity to have  look on it yet.  Furthers to your comments, your property is in a grouping of communities.  If there are more than one presidents in fact, that is because there are more than one community.  But also, apart from the Horizontal Propiertors Law, there is the obligatory statute (Estatutos de la comunidad).  In it, you will read about the organization and internal rules of your community.  Finally, I would like to add for clarification, that there is also the Vicepresident.  Depending on the case,  the comittee can be also completed by other members called vocals.

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