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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Sólo recogerán la basura si se les paga

In my community there are two caretakers rendering 24 hours of doorman service.  The contract includes the waste collection.  Recently, the neighbours have received a notification signed by the caretakers, informing that they will only collect the bags if the owner pays 10€ a month.  Shall we pay?  Is this legal?

Julian V

Administrator:  Juan López

Good morning.  Apparently, your commissionaires are trying to get an increase in the salary without negotiation.  They cannot oblig to the owners to pay separate for the waste collection if this has not been agreed by the community in a general meeting of owners.  You should speak with your president encouraging him to send a notification for all owners warning that this is not right and that they should not pay extra since it is part of the ocntract.  Speak with he commissionaires and make them understand that if they do not fulfill the work, you can terminate the contract.

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