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Good morning, at a meeting of owners which I did not attended, it was agreed unanimously to have a pool party at the end of the summer with the money in the funds of the community. I Do not think it is fair, for a common good to be used by people who are not of the community to whom I have to pay a party (in the percentage that corresponds to me), especially if taking into account that I never make use of the swimming pool. Is there any way to solve it?

Antonio R.

Administrator:  Juan L.

Good morning. While the agreement which makes reference is taken with sufficient votes, is not illegal or contrary to the statutes of the community, is not seriously harming the interests of any owner to others or has been taken with abuse of power, it is legal and you must obbey what is agreed.


That you do not use the pool does not absolve you of Community expenditure, since you are part of it and therefore participates in the same. You could find out if the party costs exceed the three ordinary shares, in which case, residents opposed to the agreement are not required to pay. However, I doubt that the cost of a party reaches a quarter of the annual regular budget, so in that case, you can do nothing about.

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