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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Acuerdo en Asamblea que me perjudica

Good morning.  I would like to know if the owners can make a decission and vote about something not included in the agenda.  In our last AGM, the agenda was revisión of the rules in the common áreas, and the owners voted also about the opening hours of the swimming pool.  Finally, it was voted to leave it opne till 22.30 what is not good for me because my son´s bedroom looks to that side so he hardly can sleep.  

Florentina G.

Adminsitrator:  Juan López

On a regular basis, you cannot vote something not included in the agenda.  However, the issue of the opening hours could be part o fth einternal rules.  The Agenda is a glosarry of issues to be discussed, not the verbatin topic that shall be voted.


On the other hand, should you or your son experience inconveniences, you got your rights.   Try to explain to the president .so he thinks on this rule.  If the noise is not aceptable (It means, ilegal) you can take legal actions.

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