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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Acuerdo de asamblea

Hi.  A while ago, my community agreed in AGM to distribute the cost of an extra work, in a difefrent way to what is in the estatutes and law.  I did not pay because for me that criteria is wrong.  The community is requesting me to pay.  What shall I do?

Anna H.

Administrator:  Juan López

I am afraid, that although that agreement  might be contrary to the rules and provisions of the articles of title of constitution, their lack of judicial challenge makes it valid, because according to article 18 of the LPH, all neighbor will have right to challenge an agreement in this regard within a period of one year since the Board is held if you attended , or from the notification of the minutes if you did not attend, by what that be had decreed its invalidity, wouldn’t that have challenged in time and form, being expired at this time challenge such action, by which in summary accounts, will have to comply with provisions and pay as agreed.

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