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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Alegan que eran de otra comunidad

We represent a community of 54 owners living in 6 blocks with common areas and community expenditures that cannot be divided.   Some months ago, the owners of my block have been demanded by a neighbour of another block due to some repairs we had done in our building.  We requested the payment of the bill to the community and the neighbour complaints because the works affect only our block.  The sentence is favourable to us because the Statutes confirm that we all are one community.  Since then, the owners of that block are collecting the community fees in a separate bank account and then they transfer just the money to pay the bills into the community bank account.   Shouldn´t they pay a monthly fee that corresponds them to pay as approved in the AGM and agreed in the common Budget for all owners?

Leire J.

Administrator:  Juan López

The owners are obliged to pay accordingly to their coefficients and to share all Budget expenditure.  As long as they pay within established time, the way they do it, it does not matter. They should pay a monthly fee according to the approved Budget in the AGM.

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