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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Alquilar la vivienda del portero

Good afternoon. As President of a community of Murcia, I believe that it would be a good choice for the economy of the community to consider the rental of previous janitor´s house whose figure is not existing in the community since 20 years ago,  by Community agreement. What majority is required to achieve this?, has it got any impact at the fiscal declaration?

Eva P.

Administrator:  Juan López

As you noted, the rental of this common element of the building can be a source of revenue for the account of the community. This will require the favourable vote of 3/5 parts of the total number of owners of the community which in turn represent the 3/5 parts of total participation fees. It shall take into account tax effects of income obtained, that they should be declared whenever they exceed the 3,000 euros per year of income. In this case, the community must be lodged annually model 184 the tax agency, distributed proportionally among all the owners income earned in the previous year. Subsequently, each owner must move the proportion corresponding to his income tax or if tax declaration.

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