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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Antena en mi edificio

Good morning. I wanted to ask you regarding the possibility of having a dish fitted in my building, because that is what I intend, while a few neighbors have proposed to be against it, but can they refuse this installation?

 Andrea G.

Administrator:  Juan López

No, they can not deny, unless it goes against the statutes of your community, because the Spanish Constitution recognizes the right to information of citizens, who have freedom to choose what information they want to receive, and through which medium.

But you must respect and follow the legal procedure provided, as set out in the Royal Decree Law 1/98 on common in buildings for access to telecommunications services and infrastructures in the Horizontal property law, according to which the difference if it’s a common installation, when it is approved on Board of owners by majority of a third representing at the same time , one-third of participation fees; and when this majority is not reached and therefore fails on board the installation, being necessary in this case that the person concerned or interested parties communicate to the President his intention before performing any work, who shall respond in less than 15 days, if it already exists, or if you are installing one sufficient infrastructure or adapting the existing for the reception of those services in less than three months.

If not or there is no response, the person concerned or interested parties could run the installation works being that, in these cases, the costs are responsibility of the owners concerned. However, the infrastructure may be enjoyed in the future by other neighbors who so wish, contributing proportionally the same costs.


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