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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Anunciar negocio en el balcón

Good morning. Currently I am exercising my professional activity on a flat, which is my property, and which has a balcony facing the outside of the building where I’ve placed a sign advertising my business. A few days ago, a neighbor asked me to leave him a space in my balcony to place your advertising banner, since his flat overlooking the inner courtyard of the building, but I am obliged to do so?


Alvaro Alberto R.

 Administrator:  Juan López


First, will give for granted that if you raise this question is because the community statutes allow such activity and also placement of posters to be seen from the outside.  In this case, although the balcony would enter into the very nature of the building as a common element, the truth is that its use of privately falls upon you and no any other neighbor so, your neighbour cannot be authorized to deal with its balcony and make use of it in the way that exposes us, as being a common building element use only is on whoever the owner so it is perfectly justified the refusal to accede to such a request and defend your domain

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