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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Aparcar en zonas comunitarias

I am President of a community where I am looking for a long time that some owners of parking lots are parking their bikes in comunal areas instead of using its own square. The truth is that not hinders the passage and there are no complaints from this practice, so I am wondering if it would be possible that is rented the space for parking of motorcycles and also make extra money for the community. Is this possible?

Knut K.

 Administrator:  Juan López

I believe that if originally this common space is not destined to be a parking place it is probably because this area is a necessary acces for some vehicles feature, but as it does not generate any obstacle, so you have to do is study to ensure that the parking can not interfere to the rest of the neighbours and their approach on board where it is needed to get that decision vote of 60% or 3/5 parts of neighbors and coefficients.           

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