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Pregunta al Administrador de Fincas: Cambiar de Administrador


Hello.  Some of the neighbours are thinking on the posibility of removing the current administrator and hiring a new one, since our administrator is not very efficint with regards to the community matters.  How can go on it?

Laureano J.

Administrator:  Juan López

            Good morning.  You should organize a General Meeting including in the Agenad the termination of the contract with the current administrator and the contyract with the new one.  You will need simple mayority.

However, you shold first review the clauses of the ocntract and renewal date.  If the contract is terminated before the renewal time, the community will have to pay the indemnization.  But if you got evidence of non fulfilling the comittments of the service, the ocntract can be terminated at any momento, surely..

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