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Ask the Administrator: House with debt from previous owner

Good morning.  I have bought a site to settle my business.  The community is requesting me to pay the debt that the previous owner left, but I did not know that and now I presume that I will have to pay.  Is that right?

 Cris K.

Administrator: Agustín Pascual de Riquelme

After the modification in the Horizontal Property Law made in June 2013, the new owner is responsible of the debt that the property owes to the community corresponding to the last three years before the purchase (previously, the responsibility was for the previous year and the current one). The property is the reference so if you don´t pay, the community may take actions against your site.  For that reason, before buying a property, it is very important to require a certificate issued by the administrator confirming what the situation of the property is regardless the community fees.  Firstly, I recommend you to pay the debt and secondly to claim it to the previous owner with the relevant legal actions as he omitted important information that if you had known, your decision might have been different

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